Tradition, culture and quality

Cider from Hardanger

Sider frå Hardanger:
a recognition of quality.

«Sider frå Hardanger» is the first alcoholic beverage in Norway that obtained the label protected designation of origin, meaning the cider is made in Hardanger with apples grown in Hardanger. Our unique terroir and optimal micro climate gives the cider a clean, crisp and aromatic taste. The blending of different types of apple varieties offers a great diversity in the tasting experience with the perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) varies between 3 and 12% and the categories of sugar content is: dry, semi dry and sweet.

Fruit cultivation has existed in Hardanger for hundreds of years. Its origin in the area is dated back to the 13th century, being introduced by the Cistercian monks. Cider production has been a part of the tradition since we first began to press the apples. Although the commercial production of cider is rather young, the knowledge being passed on from former generations is still well kept in today’s cider production.

The fruit orchard of Norway.

Apples from Hardanger also has the quality mark protected indication of origin.

The climate, soil and seasonal changes in Hardanger are believed to be particularly good for growing apples.

Being placed at 60 degrees north, we have both the long, warm summer days and cool autumn nights – giving the fruit its characteristic taste with the perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness.

There are several types of apples grown in Hardanger, but the most common ones are Discovery, Aroma, Gravenstein and Summerred. Each of them having its unique qualities, the combination of them making our cider so fragrant and flavourful.

Did you know?

Cider from Hardanger is made with 100% locally produced apples from the Hardanger region.

It is allowed to use apples with cosmetic errors and different sizes but without any damages or rottenness.

The fermentation process can be spontaneous by wild yeast or yeast can be added.

Residual sugar after the fermentation process divides the cider into three major categories: dry, semi dry and sweet.

Cider production in Hardanger supports local farmers by increasing the demand for apples, thus securing the future production.

It also contributes to thriving local communities. Young people are showing increasingly interest in agriculture and move to our region to run the farms.

Cider from Hardanger represents 80% of all Norwegian cider sold by the Wine Monopoly – a government owned retailer of alcoholic beverages.

Norwegian cider is an alternative to beer and wine.

“Our vision is, when you hear the word Hardanger, your first thought is cider. And then “fjords, glaciers and mountains”. — Olav Bleie, cider producer for Alde

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